Containerized Systems


Already proven to be a great option for our customers, containerized systems are portable, stand alone and easy to install “plug-and-go” type. Highland Refrigeration builds customized systems, from plate freezers, blast freezers, chiller systems, high/low temperature storages to ice machines with ice storages inside insulated containers.

Containerized Compressor Rooms

Containerized compressor rooms have over the years proven to be a cost effective approach for plant expansions, reducing the cost of building and site installation. The work field is limited to the evaporators only and an occasional installation of the evaporative condenser.

The containerized machinery room is fabricated in a controlled environment, drastically reducing the on-site installation time and start up.

The customized machinery room is built in compliance with current applicable codes, standards, and regulations; includes all refrigeration equipment, associated electric wiring and controls.

Containerized Systems

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