Our years of experience allow us to design the most efficient ice maker systems, whether it’s flake ice or slurry ice, using fresh or seawater for production.

We use air cooled, self-contained units for systems up to 12,000lbs/24hr of flake ice production. For larger ice production systems up to 22,000lbs/24hr of capacity, we combine several components in a compressor skid, mounted in a stainless steel base frame.

For systems even larger with single ice machines with capacity up to 150,000lbs/24hr, we supply industrial refrigeration equipment with R-717 (ammonia) or any desired refrigerant.

All of these systems use the BUUS ice machines with a low friction, high heat transfer, anodized aluminum drum, associated with a variable frequency drive, allowing us to make consistent, high quality ice of any chosen thickness.

Our biggest self-contained slurry ice maker system can provide a capacity of 360 ton/24 hr.


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